Expansion Pack Uru Ages Beyond Myst: 

Part 2: The Path of the Shell

2013: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Louis Koot

Chapter 3: The Er'Cana Age

1: A Train ride through the Canyon

The Er'Cana Linking book is now also in slot 11 of your left bookcase in Relto. You have ended up in a cave tunnel.

Walk forward through the tunnel. The tunnel takes a left turn and brings you into a round and high cave. In the middle of the cave there is a water hole and a number of plants grow in it. On the rock wall, left behind the plant pond, another line drawing is carved here. Go there and make your own drawing of it  or take a picture of it with your KI bracelet.

If you have made a KI-picture of the drawing, or you have just draw it yourself , you walk back through the tunnel and follow the tunnel until you have exit into a wide canyon. The canyon goes to the left but also to right and then takes a left turn. A double monorail hangs in the middle of the canyon

Follow the canyon to the left first, until you have reached the wider part of it .You will see another monorail appear which then enters into a side canyon to the right.

Between the two monorails stands a long thin rock. To the right of that rock, so on the other side of the canyon, you see the entrance of a cave. Enter that cave and walk to the back of it.  A mural drawing has been drawn on the wall in the back of the cave. It is an image of the "Star Fissure" where you ended up in  at the end of Riven and Uru.

It is not important, but I thought you wanted to discover this drawing. 

Leave the cave again and return to where you come from the cave tunnel and from there follow the canyon to the right and through the bend.  

Do this on the right side of the monorail, so keep the monorail to your left.

The canyon is a dead end here. There seems to be a large dam wall at this end of the canyon. But here you'll find the Mono train, standing on the right rail. An iron ladder goes up to the train.

 Climb up the ladder and you are on the iron "footboard" of the locomotive.

Go left, towards the front side of the locomotive. There is a smaller trolley in front of the locomotive and a gray console stands on the tip of the locomotive. 

That console has two large levers. Go stand straight in front of the console and then click on the console to zoom in on it. Except for the two large levers there is also a thick lever on the console and a blue button. Number everything as I did in the screenshot.

 The thick lever is then lever 1, the left lever is lever 2, the right lever is lever 3 the blue button is nr 4. 

Click on lever 1 and then on lever 3 and then go in 3rd person, if you were in 1st person , in order to better enjoy your train ride through the canyon. 

The train pushes the trolley through the canyon. So you ride back through the  canyon and the train delivers you at the other end of the gorge at the Water Purification  Plant.

When the train has stopped you walk up the front cart and continue to the front of the cart. 

Turn to the lever, which is on the front of the cart. 

Click on the lever. Turn around right away so you can see what happens. The cart is detached from the locomotive and now brings you into a dark tunnel and then stops.

Then the trolley goes up and delivers you into the round Turbine room. You have arrived in :

2: The Water Purification Factory:

When the cart has stopped you will see a round iron platform in front of you. A fence will go open. Walk off the cart and then turn back to the cart. 

You must now return the cart  to the locomotive, without you on it. So walk back the cart and click on the lever again and quickly turn around and run back through the fence

Or run backwards as soon as you have clicked on the lever again, so that you are off the cart when it starts driving back. If you were too slow, the cart will take you back to the factory and you will have to try again. After you have sent the cart back you are on the round iron grating path. Walk to the left until the first thick pillar. On this pillar you will find the 1st for this Age, so go touch it  to save your progress up to here in the Er'Cana Linking book in Relto.

Then turn around and look through this round "room". I think this room should actually be full of water. You are at the top of the turbine room on a round iron path. In the back you see a staircase and on the other side you see a ladder that goes down to the floor of this round room. First go out via that staircase.

You end up outside on a large semi-circular platform. You're in the large water basin where the water is purified. You are on the left side of the basin. Walk to the right. You see that you can not reach the iron walkway that runs through the middle basin to the platform on the other side of the basin. So in fact, this is a "Dead End". Go back inside and now  go to that iron ladder and descend the ladder down to the floor.

When you're down you go to the right and then exit the Turbine room. 

You are standing on a "balcony" and before your feet is another ladder that goes down. However, it is a bit dark here. Turn around. To the left of the doorway you'll see a box on the wall. On this box there are two buttons and a lever. Click on the box to turn on the light. Then go into the 3rd person, if you were in first person. Now you see where you are now. 

So you are standing on the "balcony" in front of the entrance of the turbine room and between two pipe ends that protrude from the walls. Behind you is the ladder that goes down. Now go down that ladder and when you're down you go right through the opening into the Steam Tunnel. 

The steam tunnel is divided into segments. Walk through the steam tunnel to the other side but do not run. 

  In the 4th segment of the tunnel you will find another Number Note with the number 4:96,  on top of the pipes. 

Write down the number and continue through the tunnel and then climb up the ladder again. You end up on the same "balcony" as you where you was, but now on the other side. And here too you stand before the entrance of a round Turbine room. This is the left turbine chamber and this is mirrored to the first one. Right next to the entrance is the light box so click on it to turn the light on here too. Then enter the Turbine room and then go left to the ladder and climb up to the upper level. 

You are now at the top level of the Left Turbine room. Here too there is a platform for the train, but there is no train and no button to call the train. Also here is a staircase that takes you outside to water basin. Go through that staircase again and you are on the semicircular platform, on the right side of the water basin. 

So in your back is the entrance to the Right turbine chamber. Go to the right and then into the corner, to the right of the entrance to the Turbine room. 

On the side of the entrance of the turbine room there is again a Number Note stuck with the number 4:81. Write down  this number. 

There goes an iron path over the basin  that connects the platform you are currently on to the platform on the other side, but there is a gap in the path. In the middle of the basin you see the large MILL and the iron path also goes to that mill. The MILL stands for the dam that divides the large basin into two parts. So you are now in the front part of the water basin. 

3: The Mill

Go  over the iron path to the entrance of the mill. Go through the entrance. You end up in the square Millstone room. In the middle of this lower space of the Mill are the 3 large millstones. There is an entrance / exit on all four sides of this room.  Go to the entry / exit behind the millstones. 

To the left of this entrance / exit hangs the 2nd "Shell Cloth", so go and activate it. Right next to the entrance / exit hangs a box  that has again a lever with two buttons. 

Go to that box and click the lever click the lever and ...... ... 

the millstones then turn. You have activated the mill and the mill is no driving the Turbine. You can check this out by going outside again and watching the mill. You will see that the blades of the Mill are turning now. Then go back into the millstone room and back to the entrance / exit behind the millstones. Leave the millstone room through this entrance / exit and go up the stairs. You will then enter into the round Control Room

4: Control room: Open up the Water pipes: 

On the other side the stairs go up, but that will come soon. We have to do something else first here now. There are a number of smaller consoles here and some colored lights are flashing on some of them. There is a large round screen on both the left and right. There is a chair in front of the left round screen. On the right-hand circular screen you can see a diagram of the entire water treatment plant. The blue areas on this screen are the areas that are now supplied with electricity by the rotating mill. So there is one area that is not receiving power now, but we are going to change that now. Go to the chair in front of the left screen. Stand next to it so you can click on the chair 

Click on the chair and your Avatar will sit on it and you will be zoomed in on the round screen. 

On the screen you see another diagram of the installation. At the bottom of the screen you see a blue button on the left and right.

Click the Left Blue Button 2 times. 

The diagram on the screen then shifts 2 times to the right and you see 4 large circles in the screen and 4 D'ni numbers  appear on the left side of the screen. These are the D'ni numbers 1 to 4. In each of the 4 large circles a fan rotates. The 4 circles have a Blue area and a Red area. The 4 Circles represent 4 large water basins and each of these 4 water basins is then "fed" by a thick water tube, so in each basin there is a fan and the red area is an access hatch and the blue area is the water that is now in the tube. The access hatches are now closed, 

So what needs to happen is that you now turn off  each of the 4 fans and open each of the 4 shutters and drain the water from each of the 4 tubes. Each of the 4 D'ni numbers corresponds to 1 of the 4 circles, i.e. 1 of the 4 basins. If you click on such a D'ni number then the "Controls" for the corresponding basins will appear in the right window. 

You see in that smaller right screen 3 smaller circles again. The upper circle is  for the fan, the middle circle for the access hatch and the bottom circle for the water supply / drain. By clicking on these 3 small circles, in the right window, you turn off the fan, open up the hatch and let the water flow out of the relevant tube. 

So....click on each of the 4 D'ni numbers and then click on the 3 check circles, in the right screen, to turn off the fan for each blue circle, to open the red hatch and to make the water disappear. However, the water from the lower left basin does not go away because the "water control" for this tube does not work. Ultimately, the screen should look like this: 

When you have this, click once again on the blue button at the bottom left of the screen. 

The diagram then shifts to the right again and now you see a large circle with 4 smaller circles. 2 of these small circles are yellow and the D'ni numbers 1 to 4 appear again. Number 1 is for the upper left circle. Number 2 is for the upper right circle. Number 3 is for the bottom left circle. Number 4 is for the lower right circle. If you click on the D'ni numbers, a small yellow circle appears in the right window. By clicking on that yellow circle, you make the corresponding small circles yellow or blank on the big screen. 

You now have to make sure that none of the 4 small circles are yellow. First make all 4 circles on the big screen yellow by clicking on the numbers. 

If a circle is already yellow then you do not click on the yellow circle in the small screen. If all 4 circles are yellow, click on the numbers again and then on the yellow circle in the small screen to remove the yellow color in the 4 circles. If none of the 4 small circles is yellow then you are done. 

Click the down arrow or the right arrow to get back up from the seat.

 5: Through the Water pipes: 

Turn right and go to the exit of the control room and then up the long stairs. You come outside and are now on the other side of the dam and therefore behind the mill. 

This part of the basin is bigger and there is another iron path through the basin. This path goes straight on, but also to the left and to the right. Straight ahead you should be able to go over the path to the large round building, but that is not possible because the straight path is broken. In the large basin you see 4 small "Sub Basins". Each of these 4 "Sub Basins" is connected to the large round building via a pipe. 

These 4 "Sub Basins" are therefore the 4 circles on the big screen in the control room, of which you have turned off the fan, opened the access hatch and let the water run out of 3 of them. The two "Sub Basins" closest to the large round building can not be reached due to the broken path. 

Go left, to the left "Sub Basin". There is no water in this basin. Go  around the pipe to the ladder and descend the ladder down to the bottom of this basin. 

A small layer of water is still there, so you get wet feet. Enter the thick water pipe and follow it to the other side. 

On the other side, this water pipe is closed by a grid, but in front of the grid you'll find the Er'Cana Relto Page in the pipe. 

Click on the Relto Page and then on the green image to add this page to your collection in your Relto Book. 

Turn around and go back through the pipe and then up the ladder again. Go back to the round control room and then continue down to the Millstone room. 

When you have return to the millstone room you go to the entrance / exit which is now on the right side of the millstone. Go up the stairs and you end up on the right side of the dam. You are now right behind the mill. You see the two thick water pipes going through the dam and those pipes provide the two left "sub basins" with water. You will also see a yellow Number Note on the concrete wall of the basin, just before the left pipe. 

Go along the pipes to that Number Note and write down the number on it: 4:52. 

Turn around and walk back and go back to the millstone room. Back in the millstone room you  go to the other side and then up again via the stairs and you are on the left side of the dam. 

You now see the two water pipes that provide the two right "sub basins" with water. Walk to the entrance of the rear pipe. The grid that has to shut off this pipe is broken. Climb into the pipe, for this you have to jump up and you can do that best if you stand somewhat diagonally in front of the pipe, on the sloping side.

..........then a short run and then jump into the pipe. Go through the pipe and you end up at the bottom of the "sub basin", which is in front of the large round building. 

Climb up the ladder and walk to the fork in the iron path. 

You will see that the other "sub basin" is still full of water. Go to the right and enter the large round building. 

6: The "Concrete Mixers" Room: 

Part 1:

 Go down the stone steps and stay in front of the iron staircase. Turn around ..... you look back through the corridor. 

On the wall is the light lever, so click on it to turn on the light in the round room. 

Turn around and walk further into the round room. The center of this round space is a round iron platform with a white "cone" in the middle. You can see a button at the cone. Walk to the "cone" but do not click the button yet. Walk around the cone to the other side and then go back up the iron staircase and then up the stone stairs and walk through the short hallway. Stop at the end of the hallway. 

On the right wall there is again a yellow Number Note with the number 4:10 on it. Write it down again. Because of the barrier, an Orange Pylon and a boulder, you can not cross over here to the hall of the next building. Walk to the rock block for a moment and then look into that corridor. At the right wall you will see the next  "Shell Cloth", but you can not get there. Turn around and walk back to the "Cone" and now walk to the front of it. 

Take a moment to look around in this round space. Walk around the platform, around the white cone, for a moment. There are 4 "Concrete Mixers" in this round space. Each "Concrete Mixer" has a telescope but because these Mixers do not have power now you can not look through the telescopes. Go back to the round white button, at the front  site of the cone. 

Now press the button and ..... The round platform turns out to be a lift and it now brings you up. 

When the elevator is stopped again, turn around for a moment. You are on the top floor of the front round building and you see two exits, left and right.  Go of the elevator platform and then follow the narrow ridge to one of the two exits. It does not matter which exit you take. Go through the short hallway and you will be standing on the iron path that runs around the roof. Follow this iron path to the back of the roof and you will see a square concrete platform with a square hole in it. Right back on this platform lies a nice blue backpack. 

Go up this platform and grab that backpack. It is a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

 In the hole a ladder goes down, so descend this ladder and you are then in the corridor of the second round building.

At the bottom of the ladder, turn around so that you look out through the hallway, to the "barrier". Go to the "Shell Cloth" and activate it.

When you have activated the "Shell Cloth" you walk to the rock that is next to the orange pylon. 

Click the rock to push this down and from now on you can just walk back and forth between the two round buildings. 

Turn around again and walk through the hall and down the stairs and go to the thick pillar in the middle of the round room. 

 7: The "Pellet fabrication" Room 

Part 1: 

On the thick pillar is a Blue Button. Stay away from it. In front of the pillar there is a column and to the left of the pillar there is a lever. To the right of the pillar is a Linking tablet on the left page of a Linking Book. The Linking Tablet links to the Bahro Cave and the Linking Book links to a location in Ae'Gura. Pick up the Linking Tablet and click on the link image of the tablet and you end up in:

 8: Bahro Cave: 

You have landed in the Upper Bahro Cave and here too there is now a pond. Turn around in the cave. 

You will discover a Number Note on the walls and you will see 3 white Wheels drawn on the walls. 

First go to the Number Note and write down the number: 5:18. Then check out each of the 3 white wheels that are placed on the wall. 

Each of the 3 wheels contains a number of "Spokes" and in the middle of each wheel you see a symbol. What you have to do is to remember in which wheel which symbol stands and how many spokes there are in that wheel. So count the number of spokes in each wheel and remember the symbol that comes with it. You can of course make KI images from each wheel or you can draw them. You then come to the numbers 40, 30 and 20. So in one wheel there are 40 "spokes", and in the other two there are 30 and 20 spokes respectively. Remember which symbol belongs to these numbers. 

Furthermore there is nothing to do here, so link back to Relto via your Relto Book 


In your Relto house you will discover a number of colorful "Fire Marbles" on the floor. They came here because you have found the "Er'Cana" Relto Page. Now that you are in Relto again, you can now go and look up the 5 number note  instructions that you have encountered in the Er'Cana Age so far. So go to your right bookcase and look up the lines in the 4th and the 5th Blue Book and  write them down in your Notebook or on your paper

  • 4: 81 = The future is always shown to those who wait. . 

  • 4:96 = Rest in the light. ).

  • 4:52 = The way is clear at the end of time.

  • 4:10 = The number of the watcher is six hundred and twenty five ( 625). 

  • 5:18 = The gathered will find the rest when the light comes.

 Once you have noted all this again, go to your left bookcase and take the Er'Cana linking Book from slot 11 and click on the "Shell Cloth "and you return to the" Shell Cloth "in the corridor of the Pellets Manufacturing Building. You've landed in: 

9: The "Concrete Mixers" Room: Part 2: 

Back to the Control Room: 

After your trip to the Bahro cave you are back at  the "Shell Cloth", in the corridor between the 2 round buildings. The 4 "Concrete Mixers" in the "Concrete Mixer Room" must now be supplied with electricity. You turned off the power for those 4 "Concrete Mixers" when you turned off the 4 small circles on the round screen in the control room. So you have to make those 4 circles yellow again. And this means that you have to follow the entire route back to the control room above the millstone room of the mill. 

Standing in front of the "Shell Cloth" you go to the left and to the ladder and then you climb up the ladder to the square platform where you found the backpack. 

Then go back to the lift platform via the iron path, at the top of the Mixer room, and descend again with the lift platform. 

Turn around and leave the Mixer Building and go over the iron path to the left and descend via the ladder to the floor of the now, left "sub basin". 

Go back through the water pipe and out again on the other side. Turn right and walk over the sloping edge and to the side entrance of the millstone room (you have to jump). 

Enter the millstone room again and then, via the stairs at the "Shell Cloth", to the control room. Sit again on the chair in front of the left screen.

 On the large round screen you now have to make the 4 small circles all yellow again,  via the D'ni numbers and the yellow circle in the small screen.

 When all 4 small circles are yellow again you get up again and you walk back the entire route, until you are back in the Mixer building on the round platform with the white cone. 

10: The "Concrete Mixers" and the "Pellet fabrication" 

The 4 "Concrete Mixers" now have electricity and  you can see this because there is now a red light on each of the telescopes. With the 4 "Concrete Mixers" you now must fabricate a number of Stone Pellets. But the Pellets must have the right amount of ENERGY. With the Mixers you must set this amount of Energy 

Go to one of the "Concrete Mixers"........ It does not matter which of the 4 mixers you go to. Right next to each "Concrete Mixer" is a telescope on which the red light is on.

 Look through the telescope of the "Concrete Mixer" you are standing at. You will see the settings screen of this Mixer.  The settings screen consists of 3 sliders and a thick button. The three sliders have a scale of red and black lines.  Each red line is 1 and each black line is 5. You now have to set the 3 sliders to the number of spokes of the 3 white "wheels , that you have  seen on the wall of the upper Bahro cave.

 Below each of the 3 sliders  you see the symbol that you saw in one of those 3 "wheels." So put the slider that belongs to the corresponding "wheel" on the number of "spokes" of that wheel. 

So set the Left Slider  to 40, the Middle Slider  to 30, the Right Slider to 20 and then you press the big button. 

Do this for each of the 4 Mixers exactly the same......When you have set the last "Concrete Mixer" in this way, the button next to the sliders turns yellow. 

Click on the Yellow Button to activate all 4 Mixers. Keep looking and ..... The red circle, behind the sliders, will turn and ... after a few seconds you will hear a "click" sound. That "Click" sound means that the 4 Mixers are ready, so as soon as you hear the "Click" sound you go out of the slider screen and then you go...... as fast as lightning,........

......... back to the next round building, the Pellet Manufacturing Room and through the corridor where it "Shell Cloth" is , to the 

11: Pellet Manufacture Room: Part 2:

 Back in the "Pellet Fabrication Building" you go back to the thick pillar and if all is well.......the blue button will now light up. Go in 3rd Person, so you see your Avatar.

 Push the blue button....and........ 

The pillar begins to turn and then opens  up and in the pillar 5 brown stone Pellets now appear. A new Blue Button now appears on the pillar. 

You have to act quickly now.....when  you are too slow then you have to go do this part again and if you unexpectedly have used all 5 Pellets, you have to make new Pellets with the "Concrete mixers". It is important that you are now standing in the third person in front of the column with the blue button. You will then also see the Linking Book on the right. .....right...let's do this and be fast about it.......

Click on the Blue button. One of the Pellets then comes to lie on top of the column. Click on that Pellet and ..... your Avatar puts his / her hand on the Pellet ....

.... Now click IMMEDIATELY on the right page of the LINKING BOOK and ...

.... you end up in a location in: 


This is a test location. Your Avatar stands for the same kind of pillar as that which stands in front of the pillar in the "Pellets Manufacturing Room". You can not do anything ..... you can only watch ...... The Pellet is automatically put on this pillar and the meter above the pillar will be completely full and then the Pellet is thrown down into the water. As soon as the Pellet hits the water it spreads a large amount of white and very bright ENERGY. Hurray ..... the test went well. 

When the simulation is finished, you get control over your Avatar again. At the wall, the Linking Book is on a pillar with which you return to the "Pellet Manufacturing Room".

Do not use the Linking Book yet, but first climb the ladder to the "upper Balcony". 

On the top "balcony" you will find another Number Note on the left wall. Write down the number that is on it....... 3: 110

Descend back down the ladder and now use the Linking Book ........ and you will return to the: 

12: Pellet Manufacturing Room and the Bahro Cave:

Let me Explain it to you first...

What you have just done was a test to determine whether your Pellets will emit the right amount of energy.....so...the right amount of  light. And the Test was successful. You can now go for the real thing. But I will first explain to you what the intention is now. In the Ahnonay Age you were in the Lower Bahro Cave, that you have reached through the Linking Tablet in the Kadish Room. In the Lower Bahro Cave you saw 4 small squares on the wall and the Number Note 5:32

The Test room, where you just, were was a representation of the Bahro Cave and your Avatar was in the "Upper Cave" and the water below represented  the "Lower Cave". What you have just simulated you must now also do "for real". So you have to go to the Upper Bahro Cave with 1 Pellet and throw that Pellet in the pond. Then you have to quickly link to the Lower Bahro Cave and wait until the Pellet falls down and ends up in the pond. The Pellet will then illuminate the Lower Cave for 5 SECONDS, and then an IMAGE will appear on the wall, at  the 4 squares, during those 5 SECONDS. So you have to make a KI image of that image very quickly. 

There is, however, something you should know, because from the moment you threw a Pellet into the pond in the Upper Bahro Cave, you have exactly 10 minutes and 25 seconds to end up in the Lower Bahro Cave to see that image appear. Why 10 minutes and 25 seconds? Well ..... In Ahnonay you found a drawing in the Kadish Room. On this drawing you saw a sort of "hourglass" with symbols around it and you saw the number 625 on it. 

The "hourglass" on this drawing is the Bahro Cave. You see the Upper and the Lower Cave on the drawing and you see that ENERGY goes  through the pond in the Upper Cave and lands in the pond of the Lower Cave. Rule 4:10 tells you that: "The number of the watcher is six hundred and twenty five". The number 625 on the drawing thus means 625 seconds. 625 seconds is 10 minutes and 25 seconds because 1 minute is 60 seconds. 10 minutes is 600 seconds and then there are still 25 seconds left. So you have precisly1 0 minutes and 25 seconds to end up in the Lower Bahro Cave, from the moment you have thrown a Pellet in the pond of the Upper Cave. 

Right.....Now we go for the execution of all this. 

You're back in the Pellets Manufacturing Room at the pillar where there are now 4 Pellets left. 

Make sure you are in the 3rd person again. Then click on the Blue button on top of the column. A Pellet is placed on the column again. 

Click again on the Pellet which is now at the top of the pillar and ......... Your Avatar picks up the Pellet again ...... Now click IMMEDIATELY on the Linking Tablet and ...

You return to the Upper Bahro Cave and your Avatar will throw the Pellet into the pond .....

 Now your 10 minutes and 25 seconds will start......You have 10 minutes and 25 seconds to get from the Upper Cave into the Lower Cave so you must be quick now

Get your Relto Book up and link back to Relto. In Relto you pull the Ahnonay Linking Book from slot 13 of your left Bookcase. In the Ahnonay Linking Book the last saved "Shell Cloth" is the in the Kadish Room "Shell Cloth", so click on the "Shell" in the Ahnonay Linking book and, if you've followed my Walkthrough exactly so far, ....... you will return to the Kadish Room. 

Go to the Bahro Linking Tablet on the "table" and link through this stone to the:

 Lower Bahro Cave: 

When you were here before you have seen 4 small squares on the wall of the cave, but no LINES. These lines will now become visible. in this Lower cave, so you must take a picture of those 4 squares while all the lines are visible. You still have time because the 10 minutes and 25 seconds will not have past yet. Find the 4 small squares that are  here on the wall 

Go stand 3rd person in front of the 4 squares with the pond in your back.  Make sure your KI is at the top left of your screen but that the image screen is not visible yet. Place your cursor on the small button of the KI bracelet with which you can make images and hold a finger above your F1 key and......... wait patiently for the 10 minutes and 25 seconds to be over and.........

 If, from the moment you have thrown the Pellet into the upper cave in the pond, the 10 minutes and 25 seconds have past then the Pellet comes down and lands in the pond of the Lower Cave. QUICK NOW ...... Press your F1 key to switch to 1st person and ......and.....s soon as the white lines appear on the wall, press the KI button to take a KI photo of the drawing on the wall.....you got 5 seconds to take the photo...after 5 seconds the white lines disappear again

Note this:

You MUST see this drawing on the wall of the lower Bahro Cave now ..... the game just demands this. Do not think that you can skip this whole part because you see the screenshot of the line drawing in my walkthrough now. This doesn't work...The game demands that this drawing will appear on the wall. But if it all goes to quickly for you than you do not have to make a KI-picture of it yourself because I have already done that for you. 

If it took you longer then 10 minutes and 25 seconds to get into the lower Bahro cave then you must do this whole thing over again, with a new Pellet. If you have no Pellets left and you still haven't seen the image on the wall then you have to make 5 new Pellets via the "Concrete Mixers". You can do this like this.......In the "Pellet Manufacturing Room", click on the lever that is located to the left of the column. Then you go to one of the "Concrete Mixers" and you look through the telescope. The sliders will still be set correctly so just click on the Yellow Button and wait another 10 minutes for the Mixers to finish. Then go back to the pillar and press the Blue Button and you have 5 new Pellets and you can try again 5 times to make that image in the Lower Bahro appear on the wall Cave.

The 625 second waiting time, from the moment that you have thrown the Pellet into the pond of the Upper Bahro Cave, are really 10 minutes and 25 seconds, even on our 2018 faster computers. You have exactly 10 minutes and 25 seconds waiting time in which you can reach the Lower Bahro Cave and then sit down and wait until you see the Pellet coming down. 

Well, you're done with the Er'Cana Age. Link, from the Bahro cave back to Relto to start: 

Chapter 4: The Path of the Shell: 


After your adventures in Er'Cana you are back in your Relto House. You still have 1 line  to look up in your Blue Books and that line is Rule 110 in Book 3. Do this and write this line down in your Notebook or on your paper and then put all the rules in the correct number order.

 You then come to the following list: 

  • 1: 4 = The door lies at the end of the path

  • 1: 38 = The Passing of Time brings the Path to the gathered.

  • 1:89 = Be still and the path will be made know. 

  • 2: 18 = The action of the gathered means nothing.

  • 2: 30 = Darkness makes the righteous humble and the evil bold.

  • 2: 32 = Seek the path of the shell.

  • 3: 66 = The passing of time brings the past to the present.

  • 3: 72 = Take time to understand the path of the shell.

  • 3.110 = The path of the stone is toil for the gathered.

  • 4: 10 = The number of the watcher is six hundred and twenty five. 

  • 4:52 = The way is clear at the end of time. 

  • 4:81 = The future has always been seen to those who wait 

  • 4:96 = Rest in the light.

  • 5:18 = The gathered will find the rest when the light comes.

  • 5: 32 = Roll the stone to know the Deceiver.

  • 5: 57 = The path is foil for those who toil

Go to your left bookcase, take the Watcher's Sanctuary Linking Book from slot 10 and click on the photo link to return to the: 

Watcher's Sanctuary: 

Open up the Path of the Shell: 

You'll arrive in the big round downstairs room again. Go up the stairs back to the upper gallery and then through the deep niche again into the clock room. 

Clock Room:

Go in the 3rd person, so you see your Avatar. You know, from your first visit here, that the big clock is on the left wall. In the right corner is a lever with which you can open and close the door of this room. A small blue lamp hangs above the lever. What you probably did not noticed the first time is that in this corner, under the blue lamp and the lever, there is also a round metal plate in the floor on which you see the Shell symbol. You also see that big round stone Ball standing in the groove.

What must you do now...... 

You have found 16 of those Number Notes so far, so you have looked up 16 of the Maker's Rules in the blue books and noted them down your journal. Now let's try to better understand what these 16 Rules actually tell you. Rule 5:32 tells you: "Roll the stone to know who the Deceiver is". Let's now do this. Stand against the big round stone Ball and push it all the way in through the groove now, to the other end of the groove. Just walk against the round stone Ball while you keep the left mouse button pressed. 

At the very back of the groove there is a round hole in the floor. But the stone Ball is too big to fall down through this hole. So this Red Stone is a Deceiver and that you have to roll it through the groove is a false clue. That is also what rule 3.110 told us because Rule 3.110 says: "The path of the stone is false for the assembled". So walk back through the groove to the Clock Room. The stone Ball will probably roll back behind you. Now take a good look at the other rules. If you interpret these rules correctly, you will discover that you have to wait 10 minutes and 25 seconds under a light in a certain place. 

You should now go and stand on the round metal plate that is placed to the right of the clock and under the blue lamp and the lever. n So go stand on that round metal plate and then  click the Lever and..... The Blue Lamp above your head  becomes a bright white lamp and the door of the clock room closes. If the stone Ball has not rolled back then now it will. 

Now stand absolutely still for 10 minutes and 25 seconds under the lamp on the metal plate. Your Avatar may not move a finger during 10 minutes and 25 seconds now.......If you were in 3rd person, go in 1st person. You'll hear the big clock ticking. You really have to stay on the plate for 625 seconds from the moment you have clicked the lever and the lamp gives white light. After exactly 10 minutes and 25 seconds you will hear the sound of metal on stone. Wait until this sound is completely over and then step off the Metal Plate. 

Right next to the large round stone Metal Bars have now come out of the wall and these bars form a ladder on which you can climb up. 

So go to the wall, right next of the groove, and climb up through the metal bars. You end up on a ledge in the groove and this ledge is the beginning of The Path of the Shell. 

Walk over the ledge to the other side of the groove, and make sure you do not fall off the ledge. 

you end up on the wide rear part of the ledge and stand in front of a kind of stage that is under a big "window". In the railing of the stage there is a blue button. 

Click on the blue button and  then turn clockwise. From the other side a "bridge" now comes rolled towards you. 

Wait until the "bridge" has been completely rolled out and then cross the bridge to the other side. 

Walk on to the platform and then descend, down the stone stairs and come down the stone stairs, you will see the ........ "Great Tree of D'ni", hovering right in front of you in space. 

Go on over the wooden bridge to the tree and then through the open door into the tree. 

The Great Tree of D'ni: 

You have entered the Tree and this is a large round tree cave. Right in front of you you see a blue button. First go left to the "Shell Cloth" and activate it to save your progress up to here in your Watcher's Sanctuary Linking Book. Then turn around and you will see a line of drawing on the wall on the other side of the entrance, to the right of the entrance. Go to it and draw it over and / or take it a KID-photo of it. 

Stay off of that blue button. On the floor you see a yellow Spiral painted. The beginning of the Spiral is right in front of the entrance and the middle of the Spiral is exactly in the middle of this large round tree cave. There seems to be no other entrance / exit than the one you entered, so this seems to be a Dead End. Just kidding. Go in the 3rd person, so you see your Avatar. Walk to the entrance and turn around so that you look into the cave from the entrance and see the spiral on the floor

You now have to follow the yellow SPIRAL to its center. So walk all the way across the Yellow Spiral to the center of it.  Make sure you do not run and do not get off the Yellow Path. Follow the spiral from the beginning to the Center and ......... If you have followed the Spiral well and then step into the "Center" then ............... you will automatically be moved to a "New Age". You will  end up on the: 

Myst Island: 

For those who have played Myst 1, Myst Masterpiece Edition or Real Myst, this is known territory. You will still be in the 3rd person. 

You are standing in the Fire place of the Library on the Myst Island. 

Under the fence of the fireplace is a gray panel and at bottom left you see a red button. Press that Red Button. The gate will slide slightly upwards. Click on the floor under the gray panel. You crawl out of the fireplace and end up in the library in Myst In one of the bookcase you'll find a piece of clothing. Go there and take it. Your Avatar puts it  right on....... It's a "Katherine outfit"..... 

You can have a look around in this library, but you can not do anything else here and you can not get out. 

Crawl back into the fireplace and then click the Red Button again. The gate sinks down and the light goes on again. Well, if you have played Myst, you will know the usefulness of the gray panel under the fence. Click on the gray panel to zoom in on it. Then click in the upper left corner of the panel. A squeezed square appears in the panel. Now just keep clicking on the panel until you have made 48 of the squares that have been squeezed into it, divided into 6 rows of 8 squares. 

You can also make the squares disappear by clicking on them again, and you should now do that . Only a few of these squares must remain visible. But which of them? Well, you have now found 5 of those Lines Drawings and you have made a drawing and / or a KI-photos of them. 

Together, the 5 line drawings are the gray panel. So merge the 5 drawings into one drawing of this panel and you will know which of the 48 squares should remain visible, ie pressed. This is quite a puzzle, so I've already done that for you, so I'll give you the solution. Number the squares, from top left to bottom right, as 1 to 48: Let the following squares disappear again: 

2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11,12,13,14,15, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 35, 36, 38, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48 so that it looks like this: 

Then press the Red Button and ..... the fireplace turns all the way round to the other side and a gate opens. There is a Linking Book in the niche. 

It is the K'veer linking book. Click on it and then click on the link photo and you will end up in: 


You hear Yeesha. Listen to Yeesha. You can not do anything. So you are in the big cave of Atrus, just like in Myst, Riven and Myst 3 Exile. 

Yeesha will also take you to Ae'Gura and then back to this Cave

Yeesha talks about the fact that the body of KADISH is no longer in the Vault and she is talking about a NEW TREE and about NEW LIFE. 

When Yeesha has stopped talking you get the following message on your screen:

 In fact, this is the END of "The Path of the Shell" and of the entire "Uru Ages Beyond Myst" and there is no nice ending video to watch But you are not really ready yet. There are still 3 Relto Pages to find and there are still some items for your wardrobe to find, so do not leave the game just yet, unless you have had it with the game now

You get control over your Avatar again. You are still in the K'veer cave. Right in front of is a "desk",  standing next to the thick pillar. There is a lamp on the desk. 

Go to the desk. There is a letter and a Relto Page on the desk. Stand on the steps, right next to this "desk". 

Behind the "desk" you can pick up an Atrus vest. Grab the Vest....your Avatar will immediately put the vest on. 

Read the Atrus Letter and then click on the Relto Page. This Relto page adds green plants to your Relto island. 

Click on the image to also store this page in your Relto book. 

You can wander around here in the cave, but there is nothing more to do here. So link back to Relto via your Relto Book. 


Go outside to see what the effect is of the last Relto Page. If you have collected all the Relto pages you could have found in "Uru Ages Beyond Myst", "To D'ni" and "The Path of the Shell", but do not see certain things on your Relto island now then look in your Relto book if all the green images on the Relto pages are activated. The images must be bright / light green. If there is a dark green image, click on it to make this BRIGHT / LIGHT GREEN. Then link to another place and back again and you will see that the relevant item of that Relto Page is now visible in Relto. 

Go back inside your Relto House and to your left bookcase. You are not done yet. There are still 2 Relto pages to be found.

 In slot  14 of your left bookcase is now the MYST book. Get  this Myst book from the bookcase and click on the Link Photo.

 You end up again  in the fireplace of: 


Go back in the 3rd person if you were not  and click again on the Gray Panel. Let all 48 squares appear again in the panel. You have to make a code again by leaving a number of the squares visible. You have to delete the rest. This code is the original code that you also had to use in Myst to get to Atrus in K'veer. Number the squares again, from top left to bottom right, as 1 to 48 and then remove the following squares: 

3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 14, 18, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 29 , 30, 35, 36, 39, 40, 46, 48 and then press the red button again. 

The Fire Place turns again and brings you to the Relto Page.

 Click again on the Relto Page and then again on the green image. Now you also have a nice fireplace on your Relto island. Link back to Relto via your Relto book.


 Back in Relto you go outside and to the right side of your house. Here stands now your beautiful fireplace and it has a nice hot fire in it.

Ok ...... the last part of this walkthrough assumes that you have completely finished "Uru Ages Beyond Myst" and that you have not removed it from your computer before you started playing "To D'ni" and this "The Path of the Shell". And that you played "Uru Ages Beyond Myst" according to my "Uru Ages Beyond Myst" walkthrough. If not, you can only do this last piece if you have finished playing "Uru Ages Beyond Myst". 

In K'veer Yeesha has told you  that the body of Kadish is no longer in the Vault. So she meant the Vault that you have entered at the end of the Kadish Tolesa Age. So go back inside your Relto house and to your left bookcase again. Take the Kadish Tolesa Linking Book out of slot 4. In this book, browse to the "Journey Cloth" page  and click on it. You end up inside the Vault of the: 

Kadish Tolesa Age: 

You are standing in the back of the Vault,  on the ledge and in front of the "Journey Cloth". Make sure you end up on the floor of the Vault. 

Then go up the front part of the stairs to the entrance / exit of the safe. To the right of the entrance you see the Blue door button. 

Go there and then further into the corner, between the crates that stand on the ledge. On one of the crates  there is now a new Linking Book.

 Click on the Linking Book. The link photo shows you another version of the Vault. Click on the Link Picture and you end up in the 

Empty Vault

You are in exactly the same spot where you just clicked the Link Picture. Walk back to the stairs and descend to the floor again. On the left lies a broken vase on the floor and on the right you see a nice helmet on one of the two sacks. Go to the carpet that lies behind the broken vase on the floor. On the carpet is a fragment of a letter. Click on it and try to read what it says. Then click it away again. Go to the Helmet and grab the Helmet. 

Your Avatar puts the helmet right on. Behind these two sacks you will find a second fragment of the letter. Click on it and try to read it again. To the left of the stairs is a third piece of the letter that you also try to read. These letter fragments tell you that "Yeesha now has The Powers Of The Gods and that she has brought Kadish back to life". Walk back up the stairs and into the right corner again. Then turn around and ... Further on the ledge you will see a paper and you will also see some "Firebirds" flying through the vault. Walk forward over the ledge to that paper and click on it. It is a Relto Page and on this you see a "Fire Butterfly". 

Click on the image and in Relto a few "Firebirds" are now flying around. 

Well that was it. Link back to Relto and go look if you can see the "Fire flies" flying around. You can still do two more things. You can  link to the Great Revolving Building in the Gahreesen Age to get a suit of armor in one of the smaller rooms. You do this via the "Journey Cloth" which you have stored in the Gahreesen Linking Book in Slot 2. 

Gahreesen Age 

The "Journey Cloth" in the Gahreesen Linking Book has delivered you again on the rocky island between the two revolving buildings. 

From this rock island you do the Running Jump again to one of the protruding walkways and then you run through to enter the Large revolving building. 

Inside you find the storage room / dressing room where you see the device as in this screens and then you go into the device. 

Your Avatar will get a Gahreesen Harness fit on

Link via your Relto Book back to: 


If you don't like it that your Avatar now is running around in a harness that your doll is now in a harness then you dive into your wardrobe closet to dress up in some other clothes. Then pull out the Desert Cleft Linking Book from Slot 1 of your left bookcase and link back to the DRY VERSION of the Desert. So that would be the right linking photo: 


Run through the desert to the Cleft and descend into it. Then climb via the hanging part of the bridge to the two rooms ...........

....... where you  in "Uru Ages Beyond Myst" in the left room the 4th "Journey Cloth" have activated and found the letter of Atrus on the bed in the right room. In this last room you can now find a pair of Sunglasses. 

Well, this is it....You have come to the very end of your Myst Adventures, that lasted over 25 years..... but wait......There is still a so-called "Easter Egg" that you can do ........

 but I'll tell you about this "Easter Egg" in a separate chapter because that's quite a bit of work. 

2013: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Louis Koot