2018 : Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This game is classified as a casual game but you play it as an adventure game....some will call this a "adventure light" game. 

For me it's just a regular "point and click" adventure game and it's a very nice game to play. You can buy the game at Denda games .

NB: I'm Dutch, so in the options of the game I have set the language to Dutch......Original this is my Dutch Alicia Griffith Lakeside Murder walkthrough that I made in 2017. The language on all the screenshots therefore is Dutch....I'm not going to change that, but I don't think that this would be a problem.........Enjoy the game, I did.........Louis Koot

The game starts with a short intro ....... a woman is chased by a guy in a leopard skin in a dark forest. Leopard skin grabs the woman and takes her to a forest hut by a lake

When you start the game you can choose which difficulty level you want to play the game on. You can choose from "Easy", "Difficult" or "Challenging".

Easy = In your game screen "hotspots" are marked by sparkles.  The Hint and Skip button is quickly activated again to get hints and to skip puzzles. The Task list has been expanded.

Difficult = No "Hotspot" marking. The Hint and Skip button is quickly activated again. The task list has been expanded

Challenging = You have to figure out everything yourself. No task list and it takes longer before you can get a new hint and skip a puzzle.

Chapter 1: Lakeside:


The last case that the famous private detective Alicia Griffith has solved has cost her a lot of energy, physically as well al mentally. To refuel new energy, Alicia decides to take a week or so rest and that is why she went to the town of Turmville. The town lies at a lake and is surrounded by dense forests. At the lake Alicia has rented a log cabin where she hopes to be able to rest. It is apparently public knowledge in Turmville that the famous detective Alicia Griffith wants to spend a while in Turmville because when Alicia arrives at the hut she is met by sheriff Williams, the sheriff of Turmville and surroundings.

Sheriff Williams tells Alicia about a ritual murder and that he does not know how to deal with this murder. 

Sheriff Williams asks Alicia for help and she says she will investigate the matter.

When the game starts, after this short intro, you can choose to play the first piece via a Tutorial. You will then receive instructions on what to do and how to do this. You can also choose to skip the Tutorial. If you complete the Tutorial you will receive an Achievement. If you do not do the Tutorial, you play the same piece, but then you have to figure out what you have to do yourself.

Sheriff Williams has left the cabin and will wait outside for Alicia, to take her to the murder site. If you click on the front door with the question mark cursor, Alicia will scream that she needs her things before she is ready to leave the hut. So you first have to collect all Alicia's stuff. To the left of the front door stand a wooden chest.......it is locked. A notice board hangs above the chest  and a key is hanging on that notice board. Take the key from the bulletin board and click the screen away.

The key disappears to the inventory. Now click on the wooden chest with your magnifying glass ... You end up in the close-up of the chest and see the keyhole ..... Drag the key from the inventory to the keyhole and click the key in it. If the key is in the keyhole then you click on the key 2 times with your hand and ....... the chest opens. There is not much in the chest but on top of the right box lies a screwdriver tip .... Take the screwdriver tip and click it to the inventory

You are immediately out of the close-up of the chest. In the corner, next to the chest, stand a small table. 

Zoom in on the small table and take the 2 batteries that are on it and also pick up the Turmville Brochure, which leans against the lamp

The Turmville Brochure contains a map of Turmville and surroundings and that map is now on the left side of the inventory, where you also see Alicia's Diary.

The diary is a source of information. You can get hints about what you have to do and via the other tabs you can read all sorts of information.

The map shows you the location where you are currently and allows you to travel quickly from one location to another ....But you have to make sure that locations appear on the map.

Back to the game. In front of the fireplace are the 2 gray suitcases from Alicia and there is a flat case in front of the suitcases. If you click on the suitcases with your question mark cursor, or with your magnifying glass, Alicia will tell you that the lock of the flat suitcase is broken. Alicia, however, has to open the flat suitcase because there is stuff that she needs in there. Zoom in on the flat case. In the close-up window you can see that there is a yellow screwdriver holder lying in front of the suitcase. Take the yellow Screwdriver holder and click it to the inventory.

Combine the screwdriver tip with the yellow holder in inventory and you then have a screwdriver.

Drag the screwdriver from the inventory to the lock plate of the suitcase and then click .....

Alicia removed the lock plate. Click now with your action cursor on the trunk lock and ..... you end up in the:

Suitcase lock plate puzzle:

The game tells you what to do ....... Click this screen away and then solve this puzzle or use the "Skip" button to let the game solve it for you. If you want to solve it yourself, here is my solution, but other solutions are possible. The lock has 4 cylinders above and 4 cylinders below. By clicking on the arrows you lower the upper cylinders and the lower cylinders go up. It is intended that the upper 4 cylinders, above the slot, will be suspended at the same height and that the lower 4 cylinders below the slot will be at the same height. The cylinders may not touch each other in the slot. Number the 8 arrows / cylinders, from top left to bottom right, as 1 to 8. 

Several solutions are possible. I did it this way ..... Click in this order on the arrows: 2 times arrow 1, 1 time arrow 4, 1 time arrow 8 and 1 time arrow 3 and 1 time arrow 7 .... 

The suitcase opens . In the suitcase are a cassette and the Task list ... Take the cassette and the Task list ...... 

The task list is added to the diary and the tape ends up in the inventory. Automatically you are out of the close-up.

 Near the window stand the sofa and on the sofa Alicia finds the Case File and a tape recorder

Click with your hand on the case file to add it to the diary ..... read the case file ..... You read about the ritual murder you saw happening in the intro in the forest. The victim is the well-known crime writer Melissa Darling. Zoom in on the tape recorder ....... In the close-up, put the batteries and the cassette tape in the cassette recorder. 

Now go outside through the front door of the cabin and ......  Alicia ends up at the hut where Melissa's corpse was found.

Hut of Melissa:  Outside

Talk with sheriff Williams .... Click in the conversation screen to continue the conversation. 

Melissa Darling was seen in the Turmville library just before she got murdered. The sheriff now disappears to his office in town and Alicia stays here to investigate the crime scene

There is a broken shovel lying on the ground. Take the broken Shovel. Near the hut stand a bush of shrubs ..... zoom in on that bush of shrubs ..... Alicia thinks that the bush looks a bit strange .... Click, in the close-up, with your hand on the bus to remove the whole bush ..... You then see a bare piece of earth that has recently been turned over ........ 

Unfortunately the shovel is broken so Alicia needs to repair it first, so she can dig here . Close the close-up. 

To the right of where the bush stood is a small box on the hut ...... Zoom in on that little box ..... the box is locked with a padlock. 

Close the close-up and then click with your hand on the sliding glass door and then enter, via the arrow cursor,  the hut and ..... 

cut scene: Alicia shows us how the murder of Melissa has been committed inside. 

Hut of Melissa:  Inside

In the middle of the floor you see the chalk drawing of the corpse, it is marked with "1". Click with your question mark on the chalk drawing ....... Alicia sees that there is a puddle of transparent liquid left on the floor ... it is added to your task list. A flashlight is located in the windowsill of the right window. Pick up the Flashlight

Zoom on the fireplace. In the still smoldering fireplace lies a warrior statue but the smoldering coals are too hot to pick up the statue. 

Grab the Poker and then take the Warrior statue out of the fireplace with the Poker

Left next to the fireplace a broom leans and stands a table.

 If you zoom in on the broom and then click with your question mark, Alicia tells  that the stalk of the broom is attached to the broom with a ribbon ..... 

Alicia has nothing yet to cut the ribbon, so close the close-up again. Then zoom in on the table. 

At the bottom of the table stand a second warrior statue and there is also a solar charger. Grab the Warrior statue and grab the Solar Charger ...... 

The solar charger is empty and must be placed in the light for recharging. Zoom in on the left window and then examine the window sill ...... 

The sun shines brightly on the window sill, so place the solar charger here ...... 

The solar charger charges quickly ..... you'll see that the charger is charged when the light has turned green. The charger stays on the window sill and you can use the thing to charge other things. Close the close-up. To the left of the bench, the desk is visible ..... Zoom in on the desk and then take the Scissors, which is next to the typewriter on the desk, and also take the 3rd warrior statue

Zoom in on the drawer, but the drawer is locked. Close all the close-ups and zoom on the broom again. Use the scissors to cut the ribbon and ..... The broom stalk disappears to the inventory. 

In inventory combine the Broom Stalk with the broken Shovel to give the shovel a stalk again.. Go back out via the down arrow, bottom left or bottom right.

Outside the Hut

Outside the hut  you zoom in again on the spot where the bushes stood. Then use in the close-up the now repaired Shovel on the earth and ........ Alicia uncovers a chest .... 

Click with the action cursor on the chest ........ Alicia tells that a few  "Elements" of the chest are gone. Behind the chest you see a bag .... Click with your hand on the bag. Alicia takes the wallet out of the bag .... It is Melissa's wallet and a small key comes out, which disappears to the inventory. 

Go out of the close-up and zoom in on the little box that hangs on the hut. In the close-up use the Poker on the padlock and ........

Alicia wields the lock with the poker. Remove the lock and the box will now open ..... There is a tongs in the box ...... grab the tongs

Enter the hut again

 inside the Hut

 Zoom back in on the desk and then on the closed drawer and use the small key on the lock of the drawer ..... 

Then click the key three times, or as often as needed, and the drawer opens . 

Take out the UV LED light and the photo camera out of the drawer. The battery of the camera  is empty. 

Stay in the close-up. In inventory put  UV light in your flashlight and then you have a UV flashlight. Now shine with the UV flashlight on the paper that sticks in the typewriter and ...... 

Alicia can now read the text and this is noted in the diary ...... Melissa did research on "Devilish Characters" and  "Heart Symbol" and to where the grave of a "Hung Farmer" is located

You are out of the close-up. Now also use the UV flashlight on the chalk drawing of the corpse and ...... you end up in a puzzle:

 Memory puzzle: 

Your cursor is now the UV circle of the flashlight. Under the chalk drawing you see 12 spots ...... 

You have to click with your Uv cursor on all 12 spots ....colored characters / symbols will appear on those 12 spots ...

the colors of the characters / symbols are red, blue, black and green ..... There are 3 spots for each color. So you have to match the spots with the same color, so this is indeed a Memory puzzle ..... Click anywhere and remember which spot gets red, blue, green and black characters. If you know which colors the various spots have then you have to click the spots with the same color in succession. So first match the 3 red, then 3 green, then 3 blue and then 3 black ones. However, if you click for example 2 places with the red color and then a spot with a different color you have to start again. You can skip the puzzle via the skip button, but in this screenshot you can see which places have which color ..... 

So first match the 3 red spots, then the 3 green ones, then the 3 blue ones and then the 3 black spots......you'll then see a cut scene ..... 

Zoom in on the left window sill, where you put the solar charger on. The solar charger is fully charged. Take the camera out of inventory and then click the camera on the solar charger. You will hear a sound indicating that the camera is being charged. Take the camera back. 

Take the now fully charged camera immediately out of inventory and click on it with the chalk drawing of the corpse .... 

You end up in the: 

Slider puzzle

Alicia wants to take a picture of the characters / symbols and you see those characters / symbols now in the camera screen

But you see the symbols as an unfinished circle and you have to complete the circle. Next to the circle are curved arrows.....there's  a black arrow, a blue arrow, a red arrow and a green arrow. By clicking the arrows you turn the colors, that are  corresponding to the color of the arrow, within the circle. You have to complete the circle ....... If you find this difficult then you can  skip the puzzle. This screenshot shows you how it ultimately must be ... You'll see that a heart is put in the body again .... 

In the screenshot the body is placed diagonally in the circle ....... it is also possible that the body will be horizontally (upright) placed in the circle. If you have it right then you will see a cut scene again.

After the cut scene you are in the close-up of a floor board, inside the chalk drawing. The floorboard is screwed tide with 4 screws and you can remove them with the tongs, but that must be done in the correct order. Number the screws as A, B, C, D. Take the Tongs out of inventory and click with it on the screws in the following order: A, B, C, D  (After each screw you must pick up the pliers again) and then remove the plank with your hand. Under the shelf is a Medallion...Take the Medallion. 


Go outside and zoom again in on the spot where Alicia has excavated the chest. Click with your action cursor on the box and .... 

Chest puzzle: 

You  see the circle lock of the chest. Above the circle lock you see the 3 warrior statues and the Medallion. You also see 3 square holes, above, left and right of the circle. You can see that the circle lock it has 3 rings, an Arrow ring, a Lance ring and a Sword ring ..... These rings correspond to 1 of your 3 Warrior figurines. You have to put the right warrior statue into the correct square hole. 

Step 1:

 First, drag the Medallion to the middle of the circle and click it there. The weapons now appear in the 3 squares. 

Your 3 warriors also each have a weapon, which corresponds to the weapons you see in the squares. 

Step 2:

 Now place the Arrow and Bow statue in the arrow box. Place the Lance statue in the lance square. Place the Sword statue in the Sword square and ........ The circle light up and the rings rotate

Step 3: 

You now have to rotate the rings inside the circle to turn the Arrow to the arrow image,  the Lance to the Lance statue and the sword to the sword statue. Click on a ring to select the ring and then click the left or the right arrow to rotate the ring ...... But the rings influence each other, so you have to practice a bit to see how the rings rotate. Eventually you solve the puzzle, or you skip it again. 

You'll see a cut scene again ....... In the box Alicia finds the murder weapon and a jar of blood 

Your inventory is empty now. It is time to go  talk to Sheriff Williams, so open the Map and click on the second green dot, not on the green A dot because that is the murder hut. Then click on the arrow of the Turmville Photo and ....... 

Alicia arrives in 

Chapter 2: Turmville: 

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot