2019: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Aporia Beyond the Valley is a "Myst-like" adventure game. The game was released in 2017 and it is developed by Green Man Gaming and for sale on STEAM. The game take place in the mystical world Ez'Rat Qin, once a thriving civilization but now in ruins. You have to find out was has happened to this world that made this ancient civilization die.

 It's an adventure game but it isn't "point and click". You move trough the game world with the WASD keys of your keyboard and you interact with your mouse. 

There's no inventory, so you don't have to carry a bag with all kind of useless stuff around with you.  

There are puzzles to be solved and in order to solved them you have to move around in the immense game word to find clues and to find those puzzles.  A warning........You can die in the game. Although the game saves at checkpoint you can save and load the game yourself at any time you want, but there are only 5 save slots

This game is a STEAM game, so there are so called Achievements to be earn in the game. Although most of those achievements are not mandatory, some are. I'm no fan of those STEAM achievements because usually they aren't needed  to be able to finish the game. But in Aporia there are a few Achievements that are mandatory, but you'll achieve them automatically if you just follow this walkthrough. I'm nog going to waste my time with all those other achievements that are not mandatory to finish the game. If you want to know about all achievements then you probably can find this in the discussion forums of this game on STEAM


Chapter 1: Awakening from a Memory.

PART TWO: They Left A Long Time A Go

Chapter 2: How to grow Healing Flowers

Chapter 3: Tree House Village in the Lake.

Chapter 4: Stonhenge Forrest and The Projection Door and the Star Door


Chapter 5: The Temple of the Death and Chapter 6: Beyond the Circle Door

2019: walkthrough by: Louis Koot